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Introducing… BRIDJ

This UITPANZ Member Spotlight focuses on BRIDJ, the first demand responsive solution of its kind in the country. BRIDJ, is a global leader in developing Demand Responsive Technology for ‘mass’ transportation, with a trial of on demand services already successfully underway in Western Sydney, with very positive public support through large app downloads since it went live in Region 3, on 4 December 2017.

One of UITPANZ’s newest members, BRIDJ is powered by Transit Systems. Transit Systems is the only Australian-owned multi-national public transport business and is one of the largest operators of public transport in Australia.

BRIDJ rollout in Sydney

Sydney commuters are the first in Australia to trial Transit Systems’ answer to on demand services, with the recent launch of BRIDJ, the first demand responsive solution of its kind in the country.

Already successfully under trial in Western Sydney as part of the Transport for NSW network, the first services launched in Australia on 4 December 2017. During the trial, BRIDJ has demonstrated its responsiveness and flexibility, adapting in real time to customer survey feedback with the introduction of a pop-up weekend service to Wet’n’Wild.

Unlike traditional bus public transport models, customers are able to book a dedicated seat and track their vehicle’s arrival and their onward journey in real-time on their smartphone. Behind the scenes, the BRIDJ technology optimises the route and drop off locations to avoid congestion when possible and take the shortest possible route to reduce customer journey times.

Leveraging its big data analytics software to better understand how customers ‘want’ to move in their city, the BRIDJ proprietary software optimises service delivery through dynamic routing, stopping and passenger clustering. It doesn’t tell a city how to move, it moves the way the city wants to and learns from that data to better predict services and demand.

Sydney Region 6 Opportunities

With interstate and international interest in the possibilities of BRIDJ and its diverse applications to better connect cities, it is an exciting time for the bus operator, including the recent announcement of BRIDJ services for Region 6 in Sydney. From 1 July 2018, BRIDJ’s first service in Canada Bay, Concord and Strathfield will commence, with a further 10 services set to follow throughout the five-year contract.

BRIDJ will also collaborate with Transport for NSW to investigate the integration of its fare system with OpalPay, to ensure a seamless connection for customers between different public transport services. As part of the five-year contract, the Government will continue to have regulatory oversight of the on-demand services, fares and depots.

Commuters can simply download the BRIDJ app and book a bus trip with a dedicated seat. BRIDJ General Manager, John Langford-Ely, said commuters will benefit from more flexible bus services that offer more convenience and better connectivity to the broader trunk public transport network.

“Having on demand services incorporated into a larger network plan is a game changer for how global cities approach the planning and delivery of their integrated transport networks. Over the course of the contract, BRIDJ will analyse how Sydney commuters use its services in order to better inform future planning decisions and how it further develops the technology. We will work with the NSW Government to enhance the mix of transport alternatives available to Sydney commuters and ensure right-sized services are offered to passengers where and when they want them” he said.

Watch a video demonstration of how the Bridj system works:

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