Blog Article: Women In Mobility Dinner

Women in Mobility Dinner - A wrap up from Angé Anczewska, General Manager, Operations and Engagement
On 2 October, Michelle and I had the pleasure of dining with a distinguished group of transport leaders from across the industry. And while such dinners are part and parcel of working in a membership association, what made the night exceptionally memorable for me was that the composition of the communal table was one-hundred percent female.
There are different schools of thought on holding such women-only events, ranging from unequivocal approval to bemusement to disdain. The latter view is usually accompanied by the notion that we can’t change anything for women in the industry if we don’t involve men. Personally, I don’t disagree with that notion and in fact was more inclined to agree with it before my participation in our Women in Mobility Dinners. But what I have found each and every time is that the female leaders around that table often speak about male leaders that have helped them along the way and the importance of fostering an environment for more diverse (gender and otherwise) leadership in our workplaces.
There are also cautionary stories shared around the table which highlight the importance of carving out this space – an atmosphere that is uplifting, where the sharing is real and there is something for everyone, each and every time. A big thank you to Elizabeth Mildwater (Transport for New South Wales) and Aneetha de Silva (Aurecon) for sharing your respective journeys at this gathering. I look forward to the next UITPANZ Women in Mobility dinner and know I will walk away with more knowledge and a stronger network than when I walked in.  
Angé Anczewska
General Manager, Operations and Engagement